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Architectural Services

Architectural Consulting

With every project we design, we routinely work with you, the owner, on the project, design aesthetic and costs. We also offer frequent consultation with all of the parties involved during the project. Some of these additional consultation features include:

Construction Documents

Contractors required a set of documents to build from. We will provide the homeowner and necessary contractors with professional construction documents, including (as needed/requested) site plans, floor plans, sections, exterior and interior elevations, hand-drawn perspectives, window & door schedules, plumbing, electric, trim details, and general construction notes.

Construction Observation

Should you request this, we will make regular visits to the site to ensure that the project is proceeding on schedule and as designed. Should problems arise, we will be on-hand and available to help the contractor solve the issue and continue construction. Many potential problems can be caught and avoided with regular on-site visits from us.

Interior Design

Making your new home or office stunning, is all in the details. Let us guide you through the process of material selection, choosing complimentary colors, trim selections and aspects you wouldn’t realize (like grout color for tile). 

Lighting Design

It can be difficult to know just how much light you need, what wattage, what style fixtures to get or what has the least environmental impact. Let us help you determine a lighting design that will fit your needs and budget.