MCD Architecture | Types of Projects

Types of Projects

New Home Construction

Building a new home can be daunting, with so many options, choices to make and what's best for your family, needs and taste. Through discussion, experience and on-site sketching by Mark, your dream will begin to take shape. Over 17 years of experience and the ability to sketch ideas right in front of you are what set Mark apart from other Architects.

Vacation Homes

Whether you want to build an intimate home in the mountains, a beach house for your family to gather, or a warm weather respite during the winters, Mark can design the perfect getaway house for you.

Additions & Renovations

Your home is special to you. Sometimes we have to make changes, and making sure it's done right is paramount. Mark has helped clients through this transition; through experience, attention to every detail. the ability to navigate cost, demand high construction standards from contractors, and the relentless adherence to your needs and expectations.

Custom Commercial

In the event your company grows too large for your building, your work space needs some change, or you need a new look, Mark can help you with a professional design to accomplish all your business needs and that's sure to impress.


If you have a old home or building, damage from a fire or natural disaster and you want to bring back that former look, Mark can help. His attention to detail and vast historical architectural knowledge will help to ensure your place is brought back beautifully.


In the event your project needs special care, Mark can recommend steps and techniques on protecting and maintaining historical or significant elements during construction.


When your congregation outgrows its existing church or you're starting new, Mark can create a design that inspires and respects your unique desires and needs. Contact Mark to have him meet with your committee or representative for your church.